Citizens Celebrating Diversity to sing carols at Christmas Walk


Why did a murder in Minneapolis prompt action by members of the Henry County League of Women Voters (LWV)?

The murder of George Floyd during a police arrest in May of 2020 ignited public outcry across our nation and beyond because it symbolized the bigotry and prejudice faced predominantly by people of color. The group “The Lightkeepers of Henry County" held a peaceful vigil response to the murder. Along with support, it drew alarming threats from community locals. The local LWV members were inspired to examine to what extent bigotry and racism exist in Henry County.

(paraphrased from “IMPACT on Issues – a Guide to Public Policy Positions”, LWV of the United States 2020-2022) The League of Women Voters believes that no person or group should suffer legal, economic or administrative discrimination and that government should share in the solution of economic and social problems that affect the general welfare. The League opposes major threats to basic constitutional rights.

Under the LWV Position statements regarding Social Policy are directives: “Secure equal rights and equal opportunity for all. Promote social and economic justice and health and safety of all Americans.” The League condemns discrimination and hate.

Our local League initiated a task force “Citizens Celebrating Diversity” to meet with members of our community, specifically including people of color to dialogue regarding their personal experiences and opinions on racism still evident in this area. After several months of meetings, a public forum was held in November and leaders in fields of business, health, housing, law were presenters alongside people of color from this community who powerfully related their lived experiences. The forum’s large turnout of community members demonstrated interest in learning about the issues and acknowledgement of the problem of racism and how we can affirm tolerance and justice for all.

The “Citizens Celebrating Diversity” will be caroling in the Christmas Walk on Dec. 2, at approximately 7 p.m. We welcome all who wish to join us there to share 15 minutes singing some well-known carols!

Pat Cronk

Henry County League of Women Voters

Are Native Americans getting what they deserve?


Now in America when it comes to a Race's problems, you never see anything about American Indians. Why can't we all get together and live with no problems? This year 2021 is having a lot of problems this year. Now as for me this has been the best year that I have been showed more respect since the '90s. Even Police Officers are showing me the most respect I've ever been treated.

I'm originally from Detroit, Michigan, and New Castle is becoming a "Newer Castle."

Darryl Pelletier

New Castle

Support Ethiopia's elected government

Dear Editor,

I urge you to oppose the Biden administration's effort to undermine the democratically elected government of Ethiopia.

Failing to stand behind a legitimately elected government contradicts the deeply held democratic values of the U.S. and tarnishes its image world-wide, particularly in Africa. By alienating Ethiopia, the U.S. stands to lose a major strategic ally in the most volatile region of Africa.

I implore you to:

  • Express your support to the democratically elected government of Ethiopia and denounce the Tigray People Liberation Front's actions to destabilize Ethiopia
  • Call on the administration to recognize Ethiopia's inalienable right to defend itself from internal and external destabilizing forces
  • Call on the administration to reinstate Ethiopia as beneficiary to African Growth and Opportunity Act


Shewaya Ayelem