This morning I heard a story on the radio about “Doctors’ orchestras.” It seems that many medical doctors are also serious musicians, and some have joined together to form orchestras — not for pay, but because they love music and have a talent. Since the pandemic, they have no time to get together, so they have begun to call virtual practices on-line. That they would take the time and make the effort under these stressful conditions says everything about their dedication to what is, for them, a hobby. Serious musicians, professional or amateur, seem to have found an adjunct and soothing reality that eludes the rest of us.

One of my friends in high school was Jerry Van Blair. In addition to having what I thought was a classy sounding name, Jerry was a musician, a trumpet player. At 16, he was playing professionally. He often could be seen at the Pleasant View Inn, which was located just across the Ohio state line. where, if a kid was 18-years-old, he could legally drink 3.2 beer. The real stuff was 6% alcohol, but you had to be 21 to get it.