The editorial Travis Weik wrote in the Wednesday, Jan. 13 edition of the Courier, entitled “Someone Help Me Understand” is what I feel is an unwarranted attack on me. Mr. Weik must have been busy and missed something because if he looked into things a bit, or even called and ask a few questions, he would realize how wrong, and vindictive, he seems to be in the words he writes.

The truth is that Ordinance #3827 does create a non-reverting fund in which to place $2.50 of each citizen’s monthly trash fee for the purpose of replacing & repairing trash containers. When the Council voted to implement the $2.50 increase, it was the Council’s concern that the money would not go for replacing trash containers, which were/are sorely needed, so we mandated that it go into a non-reverting fund with the idea that once the trash containers were under control we would amend the ordinance to lower the amount going into the fund so as to maintain a rotation of trash containers while not building up excessive money in the fund that cannot be spent on anything thing else except trash containers. In other words the Council has a right, with a majority vote, to change the amount going into that fund. At present the ordinance has not been revoked or amended. It has not been violated either.

Rex Peckinpaugh is president of the New Castle City Council.