An item in last week’s newspaper was about our president’s wish to de-regulate the flow rate of showerheads. He evidently thinks that it’s too meager. The regulation was put in when conservationists became concerned about a potential water shortage in the country and, in an effort to forestall it, instituted several innovations and regulations, including low-flow toilets and stingy showerheads.

Nearly a year after we were married, my wife and I traveled to Acapulco, Mexico, for our delayed honeymoon. One of the famous attractions there is the Acapulco cliff divers, a group of local men who dive from high cliffs into the ocean below. It’s risky because they must time the dive according to the incoming waves. One loud American tourist claimed that the stunt didn’t look dangerous to him. In fact, if it were allowed, he’d try it. An American expatriate who lived in Mexico called his bluff, saying, “Go ahead, brother. This is Mexico; no laws here protecting people from their own stupidity.” The tourist rethought his statement.