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The Courier-Times Policy Information


Letters to the Editor policy

The Courier-Times accepts letters to the editor. Letters can be emailed to editor@thecouriertimes.com or mailed to Editor at The Courier-Times: 201 S. 14th St., New Castle, IN 47362.

Letters should be limited to 500 words or less. Persons who submit a longer letter may be asked to shorten the letter prior to publication.

Those wishing to submit a letter should include their name, city of residence and a contact phone number or email. Only names and city of residence will be published. The phone number and email address will be for verification or clarification only.

Anonymous letters to the editor will not be accepted or published.

The Courier-Times will correct letters to the editor for spelling, grammar and punctuation. If the letter needs to be shortened or significantly revised, the newspaper will contact the author. If the editor makes significant changes to the letter, the edited version will be shared with the author before the letter is published.

The Courier-Times prefers local letters and in general, will not publish a signed form letter disseminated by an organization asking individuals to attempt to get the letter published in multiple newspapers, unless the content is pertinent to recent local events or issues.

Open letters directed to public officials are accepted, but those directed toward private individuals are not. Political letters to the editor during peak election times may be restricted several business days prior to the election.

Letters that are libelous, contain vulgar language or are critical of an identifiable private person or business will not be published. An individual, group or other organization may only submit one letter to the editor per month on any given topic.

The Courier-Times reserves the right to reject a letter to the editor at any time for any reason.

Obituary Policy and Information

Effective Dec. 26, 2017, The Courier-Times is increasing its rates for obituaries published in the

newspaper and online.

The new pricing is as follows:

100 words or less, no photo: Free

300 words or less, no photo: $95

300 words or less with photo: $125

Each additional word over 300: $0.55 per word

Each additional photo: $30

The Courier-Times publishes obituaries in each issue of the newspaper, Tuesday through Friday and Sunday. Obituaries may be emailed to ctobits@gmail.com .

Deadlines: Weekday editions – by 2 p.m. one day prior; Sunday – by 10:30 a.m. Saturday.

Pre-payment is required from funeral homes and individuals that do not have a commercial account in good standing with the newspaper. Individuals submitting an obituary must provide the name and phone number of a funeral home handling the arrangements or an official source who will confirm the death.

Free obituaries (100 words or less) apply only if the funeral home does not intend to submit a longer “full” obituary at a later date, with or without a photo. Submissions that violate this policy will be charged the regular price.

If a death occurs and the funeral home needs to put service arrangements in the next edition of the newspaper but a full obituary is not yet available, service arrangements will be put in “pending services” only.

Obituaries can be re-printed a second time for half price if there are no additions, corrections or changes. Obituaries that need to run a second time with changes will be charged full price.

Obituaries will be printed in The Courier-Times exactly as they come from the funeral home or family. The Courier-Times takes no responsibility for mistakes. For more information about obituaries, call 765-575-4651, 765-575-4652 or 765-575-4110.

Neighbors Section Policies

OUT & ABOUT & FAITH appears in each Thursday's print newspaper and runs continuously on the website, thecouriertimes.com. Items considered for inclusion are special events open to the public taking place in and around Henry County. Items must be submitted in person, via email or snail mail by noon each Monday. Submit to: Donna Cronk, 201 S. 14th St., New Castle; email: dcronk@thecouriertimes.com. Phone: 765-575-4657. Photos are welcome.

COMMUNITY CALENDAR is a one-week listing of social and service club meetings and reunions in Henry County. Submit items including time and place to: Donna Cronk, 201 S. 14th St., New Castle; email: dcronk@thecouriertimes.com. Phone: 765-575-4657.

HENRY COUNTY'S OWN runs every Sunday in The Courier-Times and is about people with Henry County connections and their accomplishments. Submit items to: Donna Cronk, 201 S. 14th St., New Castle; email: dcronk@thecouriertimes.com. Phone: 765-575-4657. Photos are welcome.

ENGAGEMENTS, ANNIVERSARIES AND WEDDINGS run each Sunday in The Courier-Times. Cost for each is $50 and must be paid at the time the items are sent to the paper.

Effective Dec. 26, The Courier-Times prices for announcements will increase.

Announcements (anniversaries, engagements, marriages, births, etc.) will be $50.

Call to pay: Hope Stevens, 765-575-4619. To place the write-up and photo, contact Donna Cronk, 201 S. 14th St., New Castle; email: dcronk@thecouriertimes.com. Phone: 765-575-4657.

Items run both in print and on our online page: thecouriertimes.com. Anniversary photos may include a photo of when the couple married at no additional cost. Items to run on the next Sunday must be submitted, along with payment, by noon the prior Tuesday.