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How much money

(Re Friday, March 17’s Page A3 story, “Fuel tax allotment stays the same”): I am aware that you took my lead and did an article on the gas tax, but you’re only talking percentages. I, for one, want to know how much money we’re talking about. Give us the dollar figure of how much comes in. Giving us a percentage doesn’t really tell us anything.

We all complain about the weather

The other day in Sound Off, there was a person complaining about the weather people and how they do not get the weather correctly (Wednesday, March 22, Page A2, “I don’t understand the weatherman”). Here’s a suggestion: Quit the job that you have now and go to weather school. Maybe you can do a better job. I doubt it. I’m not a weatherman. We all complain about the weather. That’s human beings. We always have, but you have to remember one thing – she is called Mother Nature. Mother, that’s a lady. Don’t get mad at me, ladies, but women can change their minds any time they want to, and Mother Nature does it. Have a good day, everybody.

There is a law about DNA

I’m responding to the Sound Off, “A national DNA law would stop crime” (Wednesday, March 22, Page A2). Well, let me tell you, there is a national DNA law. A lot of inmates in the state of Florida in county jail get DNA tested and they go into a database. So there is a database, but guess what? It’s still not stopping crime. Do you want to stop crime? Why don’t you go back to the old-fashioned way that if you kill somebody, they kill you and if you steal, cut the hand off. But, oh no, we’re too conservative for that. People are going to say it’s barbaric, but you’ll stop crime in a hurry.

Looking forward to the shelter

(Re Wednesday, March 22’s Page A7 editorial, “Time to make the animal shelter happen”): Hopefully, April showers will bring more than May flowers. Looking forward to good design features for the new animal shelter and also a real estate closing on the Betz Farm to pay for it. Additionally, wouldn’t it be nice to have a Central Ridge dog park?

It brought tears to my eyes

I’m calling in reference to a Sound Off in Thursday, March 23’s Chronicle, “They killed wildlife” (Page A2). Reading this, it really brought tears to my eyes. This isn’t the first time this has been done and it’s not the last. I imagine if there were gopher tortoises in there, they probably filled in the holes.

Just to take a bush-hog and just wreak havoc like that, it’s just heartbreaking and it’s wrong. I just feel so bad for the person that’s living there. I feel bad for all of us and for all those animals and birds. It’s just so wrong.

I don’t know why people don’t understand that the more harm they cause like this, the more they do, the more it will come back to them. I believe karma is a real thing.

So, you know, some people need to stop wondering why stuff happens to them. It’s pretty plain why things happen to human beings. Look what we do to other innocent creatures.

Why is it higher here?

(Re Thursday, March 23’s Page A2 Sound Off, “DeSantis has nothing to do with gas prices”): I’m responding to the man that said that DeSantis is not the problem with our gas here being in free Florida, that it’s our county commissioners. I wish this person would look up GasBuddy and look up state to state. Why is Florida higher than a lot of other states except California and New York? That’s ridiculous. Do your math. He can intervene and keep the prices down here in Florida, too. It’s not just our county commissioners and Citrus County’s tax. It’s the whole state that’s high.